For Whom the Bells Toll

A recent blog post about the resignation of Rob Bell’s successor at Mars Hill has got me thinking about the prosperity gospel.  No, not the modern prosperity gospel by which we receive abundant financial blessings, but another, more postmodern form in which we seek abundant acceptance and adoration from the culture at large.  What Dustin Messer writes specifically about Kent … Continue reading

Sheep, Goats, and Politics

In the aftermath the terrorist attacks on Paris, American social media turned into a debate shouting match about how to handle the Syrian refugee crisis.  Early reports that one of the attackers had posed as a Syrian refugee and entered Europe through Greece, while ultimately untrue, raised legitimate concerns that some ISIS members would try to pose as … Continue reading

As I Turn 40

The following reflection draws from the parable found in Matthew 25:14-30: When I turned 20, I knew that I had five talents, and that I would turn them into five more. When I turned 30, I believed that I had two talents, and that I could turn them into two more. As I turn 40, … Continue reading

A New Plan for Reading the New Testament

Every year around this time, Christians make resolutions to read through the Bible in the next year. Almost always, there is a reading plan in which you read three or four chapters over the course of fifteen to twenty minutes every day. Although my purpose is not to discourage any aid in Bible study, I … Continue reading